I am always amazed at how my perception, how I think about things, influences my perception. I can change on a dime, so to speak.

If I remind myself that I am one creature out of many that owe my existence to something much greater than myself, I am immediately…

I often watch a TV show from Britain called “Escape to the Country” where they try to match prospective home buyers with homes in the British countryside. What strikes me about the English countryside is the villages and the age of the homes and businesses. Here, in the USA, everything…

Consider Please

Consider that this point in time most agree civilization is killing life. It is its’ nature. Consider the ‘listening of non humans’ to learn. We must ‘learn how to listen’. Consider that we have learned ‘rationality’.
Heart-mind; listening to non humans. (pre-civilization) Ego-mind; rational thought and awareness. (civilization) Consider…


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

You have only one “You” to give. “You” are not your life. Your heart reveals life is “You”. The many and the one.

We can’t accept it. For mind has grown and sees no way out of the box we have called ‘life’. Light still shines dimly from the…


I wonder a lot. Purveyor of disagreeable posts.

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